Certification and Compliance

What are the Compliances in Cyber World?

Compliances are very much essential when you are running your business online or storing/maintaining customer data for the business. Compliances and certifications are approvals from the Certification or Cyber Security Governing Body issued to companies when they meet all the security standards prescribed by the Framework/Governing Body. Securwires is PCI Qualified Security Assessor who guides you in obtaining such compliances.


Compliance - A Continuous Practice

Compliances should be considered as continuous and organizational practice in every business. Often a reactive response to cyber security results in data theft. There are various industry regulations and legislation to cover the risks associated with every business process.

Role of Cyber Security in Compliance

There are many Legal and Regulatory requirements to get Compliance, flouting these requirements invites fines and penalties for the organizations. The governing body ensures that employees, officers and partners of an organization are fully aware of the Compliance requirements.

The Compliance ensures that executives and boards are aware of the risks associated with Cyber Threats and make all necessary arrangements to create a theft-proof environment for their customers. It is one of the Risk Assessment practices in aspects of Cyber Security, these raise the awareness of the potential for a data incident.

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