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What is Security Testing in Cyber Security?

Security Testing is done to check whether any loopholes are unattended or not. There are many methods for security testing depending on the architecture used for developing the environment. Every business needs to comply with different rules and regulations given by the Regulator or Business to protect the customer’s sensitive data. Hence, it is important to frequently monitor security of your business systems.


Why to test the Security of the system?

Everything looks fine unless you test it, Yes!! You read it right, according to the Cyber Security findings most online frauds happen through the stolen transaction data. If there is any loophole in your system then you may end up losing your customers financial data.

How do we test the Security of your online presence?

We have multiple methods to test the Security. We make pseudo penetration attacks on all the ports and identify loopholes in systems. Once we identify those loopholes we generate reports and provide solutions.

Cyber Security rules always advise us to frequently test the security of the system that interacts online and has a lot of sensitive data. There are a number of malicious actors that come up every day to breach the security of your system, so you should be prepared for all kinds of cyber attacks.

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