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Microsoft December 2020 Patch Tuesday fixes 58 vulnerabilities

Fixes for 22 remote code execution vulnerabilities included in this month's patches. Microsoft has published today 58 security fixes across 10+ products and services, as part of the company's monthly batch of security updates, known as Patch Tuesday. There's a smaller number of fixes this December compared with the regular 100+ fixes that Microsoft ships each month, but this doesn't mean the bugs are less severe. More than a third of this month's patches (22) are classified as remote code execution (RCE) vulnerabilities. These are security bugs that need to be addressed right away as they are more easily exploitable, with no user interaction, either via the internet or from across a local network. This month, we have RCEs in Microsoft products like Windows NTFS, Exchange Server, Microsoft Dynamics, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Visual Studio, and Hyper-V. The highest-rated of these bugs, and the ones most likely to come under exploitation, are the RCE bugs impacting Exchange Server (CVE-2020-17143, CVE-2020-17144, CVE-2020-17141, CVE-2020-17117, CVE-2020-17132, and CVE-2020-17142) and SharePoint (CVE-2020-17118 and CVE-2020-17121). Patching these first is advised, as, through their nature, Exchange and SharePoint systems are regularly connected to the internet and, as a result, are more easily attacked. Another major bug fixed this month is also a bug in Hyper-V, Microsoft's virtualization technology, used to host virtual machines. Exploitable via a malicious SMB packet, this bug could allow remote attackers to compromise virtualized sandboxed environments, something that Hyper-V was designed to protect.

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