PCI SAQ Compliance

PCI SAQ Compliance

When your business accepts payment through credit and debit cards then it is extremely important to protect user data. To reduce the risk of theft of cardholder data, PCI DSS standards are used to provide an actionable framework for detecting and managing security breach incidents. Payment Card Industry Self-Assessment Questionnaire (PCI SAQ) is a validation tool which assists merchants accepting card payments to self-evaluate their compliance level under PCI DSS.

Every year organizations are required to complete and submit Self-Assessment Questionnaires to their or acquirers. SAQ depends on the individual company and methodology used in handling card information. SecurWires helps you to complete and file the accurate PCI SAQ Compliance suitable for your business.


Why complete PCI SAQ?

The information that is being processed is of a very sensitive nature, hence, it is considered as a high priority for retailers to comply with PCI DSS standards. PCI DSS comes into play whenever a card transaction occurs. Merchants and service providers process and transmit financial data so all the guidelines must be followed. There are various types of SAQ’s so selecting a proper SAQ is very crucial. Each payment scenario has a different type of SAQ to be followed.

Every Organization should know their transaction type before selecting an SAQ. Self Assessment is important to all organizations based on card transaction volumes. If the SAQ submissions are incorrect then those submissions become invalid and the company becomes non compliant.

Solutions for everyone

A merchant that is not PCI DSS compliant, is not in a position to completely assure the security of their customers’ data, consequently, the merchant will be vulnerable to Card Scheme fines, losses as a result of fraud, operational costs or even damages associated with reputation. Being PCI DSS compliant is in each merchants best interest, not only because it secures the customers sensitive information or a particular financial situation, it also leads to a safer organization network – which is in many cases liable to poor system maintenance – giving cybercriminals the freedom to enter the system.

PCI SAQ Compliance Assessment

The Goal is to conduct a PCI assessment consistent with an SAQ. The engagement will conclude in a completed Self-Assessment Questionnaire and Attestation of Compliance, which can be signed and submitted to the acquiring banks, payment aggregators or payment gateways. SecurWires focuses on all pertinent areas of the SAQ and dives into the details associated with each required control. Assessment combines remote and on-site interviews with documentation reviews and walkthroughs of cardholder data processing environments, and examines process flows and all other areas associated with card-data processing and their associated and supporting systems.

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