IATA-PCI Compliance

PCI DSS & Travel Agent Compliance Requirements

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) is a global data security standard to protect confidential payment card information against theft. Airlines have demanded that IATA support their internal compliance project by making the Billing & Settlement Plan (BSP) card sales channel PCI DSS compliant. This is why IATA Accredited Travel Agents should become PCI DSS compliant.

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PCI DSS & Travel Agency Business

Protecting cardholders data is the utmost priority of the companies involved in the travel transaction. If the data is stolen, a customer’s credit rating can be negatively affected, which could lead to enormous personal fallout. These may lead to negative sentiments among other customers and the company may face a heavy loss.

Due to digitalization, 90% of the population book their travel online, hence protecting the customer data is very crucial to maintain the positive sentiments among them. Therefore, compliance with PCI DSS is mandated by the International Card Payment Schemes and IATA worldwide.

Why is security significant for the Travel Agent?

All Travel agent portals process enormous amounts of sensitive financial data, hence it is very crucial for every travel agent to comply with PCI DSS standards. There are many cases where a customer experiences unidentified transactions after making a booking as their data is stolen. Therefore a good standard practice to protect your clients confidence is by achieving PCI DSS compliance.

IATA - PCI DSS Compliance

If your business deals with transactions that involve travel-related transactions then you must comply with IATA’s mandate on PCI DSS Compliance. Both Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI) and Travel Agents Federation of India (TAFI) had authorized SecurWires to assist and provide PCI DSS Compliance Services to its members. Apart from this, SecurWires is also providing PCI DSS Compliance to members of other associations.

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