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Cloud Computing Security

Cloud computing is a form of distributed computing that enables access to a scalable and elastic pool of shareable resources with on-demand provisioning and administration. Cloud has become the foundation for launching new technologies. Cloud security, also known as cloud computing security, has a set of protocols to protect and control technologies that work together on cloud-based systems, data, and infrastructure. These measures are configured to protect cloud data as per the cyber security regulations to protect customers’ data and privacy on the cloud systems.

Cloud Security Services depends on the cloud service provider. There are security measures in which a dedicated solution is provided to a company or else there is shared security between all the cloud service providers through a common security provider. SecurWires uses industry best practices to help ensure a secure cloud computing environment. In addition to the business and risk considerations, the implementation of security controls in a cloud environment requires specialized technical knowledge and skills.


Why is cloud security important?

For businesses, it is important to use cloud-based technology so that they can save cost on expansion. However, the risk associated with the cloud is also constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated. Hence security must be fixed at the beginning to avoid future data losses. Ensuring that cloud services are designed, maintained and used securely is a shared responsibility between the Provider and the Customer. It is important to note that all cloud services are not created equal.

Responsibilities for operation, management and reporting should be clearly defined and understood for each requirement and acknowledged, in writing, in contractual agreements. Customers should consider that while they can outsource the day-today operational management of the data environment, they retain responsibility for the data they put in the cloud. Even though a Provider may claim to be compliant, the Customer should confirm that all the consumed services and locations were included in the Provider compliance validation, and that the services are used in a compliant manner.

Solutions for everyone

Cloud Security Experts work hand in hand with the technical team of the company and implement all the security measures as per the cyber security guidelines enhancing the cloud governance of the system. Cloud consultants review the cloud architecture system and prepare a brief report on it. The main objective is to guide the company to enhance cloud security and secure the clients’ data by developing security strategies for planning, building, and managing Cloud applications and programs. Organizations without a depth of technically skilled personnel may also wish to leverage the skills and knowledge provided by SecurWires to securely manage their cloud operations.

What is SecurWires Offering?

We provide a wide range of cloud security consultations on cloud governance, risk control and prevention, and compliance services. We guide the companies to select the right partner for design, calibration and implementation of Cloud security operations. We leverage on industry standards and best practices for Cloud Security Assessment. SecurWires offers thorough cloud security assessment services that identify security threats in your cloud consumption and provide you with a cost-efficient mitigation plan. We perform a comprehensive assessment of the security risks in your cloud environment (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS). The final outcome of the services is an actionable plan for eliminating and reducing the threats.

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