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Cyber Security Services
At SecurWires, we are committed to helping organizations plan, build and run successful cyber security programs. Our diverse and talented employees partner with organizations to provide a comprehensive suite of services and solutions that enable businesses, governments and educational institutions to operate more successfully in a world where everything is increasingly linked together.
From workshops to full security assessments, from technology installations and upgrades to major architecture design and implementation, our unique approach, depth and breadth of offerings, and exceptional team help organizations everywhere rebuild confidence as consumers, employees and investors in a more connected world.

Our job is to help you achieve success
Our Unrivaled Passion for Cyber Security Means Superior Solutions That Works for You

SecurWires is a young player and have successful history based on trust. For more than couple of years we have served as trusted advisors to more than ten plus clients of varying sizes across a number of industries and geographies. We started with a vision to combine best-in-class technology with expert consulting services. We have evolved and grown with the industry, all while carrying forward our cyber security excellence. SecurWires is well-known and respected for our innovation and for putting our clients first.

We are committed to our essential values:

Working in the trenches as your partner – we work shoulder to shoulder with you, understanding your needs as a team member, and acting in the belief that your success is ours.
Bringing real impact as your solver – we dig hard into your problem and evaluate the bigger picture, then unite the optimal people, technology and know-how to execute the most effective solution.
Revealing tomorrow as your liberator – we are relentlessly focused on enabling your success, liberating your organization and your people to move swiftly on the path to progress. At SecurWires, our only job is to help you achieve success..
Leading with perspective as your advisor – we move the industry forward with our unique insights, points of view, ideas and solutions, leading our clients, partners and each other to think beyond the ordinary.

In every aspect of our work, from Developing Successful Information Security Programs
to Enabling Operational Excellence, SecurWires Focuses on Your Specific Needs

Many organizations have matured to the point that they are demanding that security be considered beyond basic technologies and services. SecurWires takes a programmatic approach to solving these clients’ security needs. We take into account the diverse range of security strategy, planning and management, monitoring and operations, and defenses and controls.

Our comprehensive capabilities span the entire information security space. We offer a full range of services and solutions to help you define your strategy, identify threats and risks, deploy the right technologies and ensure operational readiness to enable your business through security. And, we have the ability to address your needs at the strategic program level, tactical project level and all levels in between.

SecurWires Cyber Security Service Offerings:

Security Program Strategy
We partner with your organization to create new strategies to plan, build and run effective security programs.

Enterprise Risk and Compliance
We enable you to develop a more secure and resilient organization.

Threat and Vulnerability Management
We provide hands-on expertise that allows you to uncover and remediate threats and vulnerabilities to solve specific security challenges.

Security Architecture and Implementation
We navigate complex environments to help you achieve maximum value for your technology decisions, architecture and security projects.

Enterprise Incident Management
We help you move from crisis to continuity in the fact of an incident.

Education and Awareness
We provide Cyber Security Training Services that address Human Behavior to improve security and reduce risk.

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