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Services | Threat and Vulnerability Management

Adversaries continue to advance their skills and innovate attack methods. Organizations are increasingly aware that reactive approaches are no longer effective in limiting damage from an attack. Leading businesses continue to adopt proactive methods of uncovering and addressing security flaws and vulnerabilities. By taking a disciplined, programmatic approach to uncovering and remediating threats and vulnerabilities, you can understand and address the root cause of your weaknesses. Partnering with SecurWires can help you achieve your goal without the burden of maintaining this expertise in-house.

Our Capabilities

Our team of information security professionals can provide answers and solutions to your most vexing security challenges. Our highly skilled group takes a multifaceted approach to threat and vulnerability analysis and exhibits mastery across a broad base of attacks. Our experts can:

- Discover vulnerabilities and weaknesses across all types of devices
- Determine the feasibility of potential attack vectors
- Identify vulnerabilities that scanning software may miss
- Provide evidence to support budget requests for security programs or investment
- Assess the combination of system flaws and human factors to identify and quantify risk
- Develop effective controls and solutions for security flaws
- Create secure software development lifecycle (SDLC) programs and processes
- Communicate the risks of high-business impact vulnerabilities and high-likelihood threats
- Uncover higher-risk vulnerabilities resulting from exploitation of lower-risk vulnerabilities exploited in a particular sequence

   Identify Weaknesses to Improve Security and Reduce Your Attack Surface

Our expert’s help you determine the real world effectiveness of your existing security controls against a skilled, motivated attacker. A mature, proactive approach to securing enterprise assets exposes weaknesses in systems and identifies paths vulnerable to exploitation – before a malicious actor does. SecurWires has helped various organizations uncover hidden vulnerabilities in their people, process and technology. Our proven methodology provides actionable steps for better securing your systems.

Engaging with our team will uncover vulnerabilities and highlight actions that help you make informed decisions to reduce risk across your business. We also assist clients with achieving or maintaining compliance by meeting testing requirements in standards such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Whether you require white, grey or black box services, we can assist you. The thought of an attack can be daunting. We give you less to worry about.

Advantages of working with us:
> Identify weakness in your technologies, processes and people
> Reduce risk and meet compliance requirements
> Remediate vulnerabilities and minimize the attack surface

Attack and Penetration Testing Services –
> Vulnerability Discovery
> Security Controls Assessment
> Risk Validation

   Persistent Quest of Security

Our security experts develop innovative solutions that detect and defeat threats. SecurWires professionals help secure financial, retail, technology and government assets of all types. We combine the talent with accountability, a strong culture of integrity and leading practices that ensure consistent quality in our approach.

Working across teams and drawing expertise from the entire security spectrum, we continually push the boundaries of what is possible to address complex, emerging problems in the security space. As part of SecurWires vibrant, engaging approach to addressing enterprise security needs, we specialize in custom projects to solve your most difficult and unique challenges.

Advantages of working with us:
> Access to some of the best security professionals from within the industry
> Expertise to solve your most difficult and unique challenges
> Unique perspectives on security challenges unmatched in the industry

Applied Services –
> Third-Party Product Security
> Penetration Testing
> Application Security
> Targeted Vulnerability Research
> Audit Custom Tool
> Product/System Design Review

   Transform Threat Data into Actionable Intelligence

Our experts engage with your key stakeholders to develop or mature your organization's actionable threat intelligence program. Faced with an overwhelming threat scape and vast numbers of new threat intelligence products and services to consider, staying ahead of potential attacks specific to your company and mission is daunting. The increasing volume and speed of dynamic and emerging threats has left organizations scrambling to effectively respond. By incorporating cyber threat intelligence into their security operations, leading organizations can shorten the time to detection of relevant threats and respond more effectively.

SecurWires Cyber Threat Intelligence services enhance your security operations by helping you define an organization-specific cyber threat landscape tailored to your unique business environment. Our expert team assesses, develops and matures information collected by native and peripheral sources, allowing you to take immediate action.

Advantages of working with us:
> Reduce the risks of costly data breaches and poor investment choices
> Create a more effective response capability and build confidence
> Transform into an effective, data-focused operation
> Operationalize your security program’s threat intelligence function
> Build confidence with the people you are trying to serve and protect

Cyber Threat Intelligence Services –
> Maturity Assessment
> Program Workshop
> Vulnerability Assessment
> Threat Modeling
> Product Assessment
> Threat Advisories
> Threat Reporting

   Leading Experts in Application Testing and Strategic Guidance

Our software security professional helps your organization efficiently build and test secure, hack-resilient and compliant software. Software vulnerabilities continue to be a leading target for attackers, and application security defects have become one of the top information security issues facing organizations today. To stay ahead of the risks associated with the application layer, you must manage and maintain the security of every application deployed.

SecurWires can help protect your most critical enterprise applications from both internal and external threats. Our consultants can dramatically improve your organization's ability to assess the security of existing applications as well as design, develop, test and maintain the security of applications in all phases of their development lifecycle. Through a combination of activities — testing of applications, architecture and design reviews, source code analysis, continual training of development and security personnel and implementation of security controls throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC) processes—we can help you obtain and maintain software security improvements.

We accelerate SDLC effectiveness through training and leveraging best practices based on team experience with various organizations.

> High assurance testing provided by a experience team of consultants
> Deliverables designed to be easily consumed by development teams
> Achieve accelerated SDLC effectiveness through training
> Detailed findings with proof of concept and full reproduction data
> Receive fully validated findings with no false positives

Software Security Services –
> Web Application Assessments
> Mobile Application Assessments
> API Assessments
> SDLC Review
> SDLC Implementation
> Threat Modeling
> Analyze security requirements
> Risk against application components

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