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Services | Security Program Strategy

Organizations need security strategies and programs that are closely aligned with business goals. As a security professional, you are expected to understand the business needs and leverage your security program to increase operational efficiency, protect users and information, maximize return on technology investment and contain costs.

SecurWires helps you stay ahead of current threats and risks and make the right technology investments to support your business. Our subject matter experts provide clarity around security strategy and policy design. We partner with your organization to chart a course to not only protect and secure your environment, but to also support day-to-day business and revenue goals, and account for future growth.

Our Capabilities

We can deliver a wide range of capabilities – from security program development, to regulatory and standards compliance, to security education and training. We can help you:

- Address gaps, manage risk and allocate resources to better protect your organization
- Bring creativity, experience and discipline to your security program
- Develop and align security strategies to support your business goals
- Assess your current program and develop a roadmap to mature your security initiatives
- Support leading security practices and consistent execution of your security strategy
- Help you protect what matters to your organization

   Implementing Innovative Strategic Services to Plan, Build and Run Successful Security Programs

We can help you define and articulate your security vision and provide you with the tools you need to effectively communicate your plans. The evolving threat landscape continues to elevate the visibility of information security within an organization. To build a robust security program, it is imperative to align operational excellence and security priorities to meet overarching business objectives. Further, articulating a clear vision of how your program maps to the realities of your business is crucial. We provide collaborative and strategic services designed to better equip you to plan, build and run a business aligned and threat aware security program.

We can deliver a wide range of strategic services to address your program on the problem, project and program level. Our services include access to our team of experts who have built successful security programs through our Security Strategy Assessment in which our approach gives you the services to develop and execute a business-aligned and threat aware security program.

Advantages of working with us:
> Align security initiatives with the business goals of your organization
> Examine your current security program structure by ranking a broad range of security priorities
> Deliver findings, results and a facilitated discussion in a ready presentation
> Document specific threats and identify requirements to elevate your defense and response posture
> Create a customized, business centric strategy and prioritized roadmap along with a snapshot of recommendation implications

Program Development Services –
> Security Strategy Assessment

   Guiding You to Reduce Risk and Align Security Policies with Business Goals

Our subject matter experts and security professionals offer on-demand resources, guidance and services required to elevate your current security program. In order to effectively run a security program, you must have business insight and expertise in security, technology and process. Bringing the right expertise in-house that is also compatible within your organization can be challenging and costly. SecurWires can help by providing the perfect mix of knowledge and expertise to fill your gaps. As a trusted partner to organizations of all sizes, our experienced professionals offer the guidance and heavy lifting you require to elevate your current strategy.

We can deliver a wide range of advising services to address the current gaps within your organization
– from advising in times of transition to a virtual on-site resource presence by our CISO As A Service (Virtual CISO and CISO Advisory Services)
- Our approach provides you access to expert advisors dedicated to fill in the gaps within your program.

Advantages of working with us:
> Tailored assessment of your risk, compliance and security posture
> Execute on the identified plan by managing key initiatives and projects
> Confidence in the event of an incident that you will have support to respond and take necessary action
> Provide an unbiased advisor devoted to the needs of your organization
> Immediate and on-going access to senior information security executives

Advising Services –
> Virtual CISO
> CISO Advisory Services

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